Attention Houston Artists & Photographers:

Looking For A Local Source For Giclee Prints?


Hello Fellow Artist,

What are you looking for from a Houston giclee printer? Good prices? Fast turnaround? No set-up fee? Free color correction? Free proofs? Personalized service? .... Well, you've found them all here!

Let me introduce myself. My name is David Miller. I live in the Houston Heights on 16th. St., and I've been printing my own large format digital prints (AKA "giclees") since 2001. I've also made prints for a number of Texas artists over the years as well.

Despite my current client base, it recently occurred to me that I could be helping many more Texas artists and photographers produce high-quality low-cost prints than I currently am. My trusty Epson 9600 printer remains idle most days, and that is a waste. So, I've recently built this site and have begun promoting my services.

Enough about me! What about you?

If you are like me, getting good prices is not just desirable, it's a necessity. I know that for you to use my services in the future you must make a decent profit on the work you sell. For this reason, I price my work as low as I can while still making a profit. If you can find anyone else with lower prices please let me know and I'll meet or beat them!

My current everyday pricing starts at $12/sq' for printing (based on paper or canvas size). Building stretchers and stretching canvases is extra (call for details).

You may be wondering, "Why should I use this guy when I can go one of the big companies in town? Can't they do a better job?" Maybe they can for some things, but in general I don't think so. My machine is limited in paper/canvas width to 44"- anything larger and you'll have to go elsewhere. Also, if you need hi-res scans made, try someone else (or call me and I'll recommend some options). But for your basic printing jobs, I'm your man.

And, in terms of cost, in addition to my low prices, I offer free set-up, free proofs, color correction, etc., all things that the big companies will charge you extra for.

As for service, you can look over my shoulder as we tweak your image to get the results you are looking for. Try that with a corporate shop!

Finally, I guarantee my work. If you are not completely satisfied I will cheerfully return your money, no questions asked.

Just email me or give me a call at 713-880-0512 to discuss your project.

One last thing... our services are by artists for artists. As a digital artist who has been buying giclees since 1999, I know what artists need to succeed. I look forward to helping you produce stunning prints at an affordable price.

Best regards,

David Miller

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